Oklahoma Grass Fed Natural Beef

Oklahoma Natural Beef

Our commitment to All-Natural beef begins on the ranch and carries through the entire three stage process of birthing, growing & finishing.

During the birthing stage, our cattle are fed a 100% Vegetarian diet with the majority of this diet being derived from our land. This begins at birth and for a large part of the animals’ lives they are raised on natural Oklahoma grasslands with their mothers until weaning.   Weaning is a transition period from Mother and Mother’s milk and grass to independency.  The calves are weaned at about 8 months & will weigh approximately 600 pounds at this point.

Transition Period

After this transition period, the calves move into the growing stage and are allowed to adjust to their new environment on grass pastures and will graze for six to eight months.  Also, during this time they are fed a limited amount of corn gluten based feed with all the necessary vitamins and minerals blended in along with a Bermuda/Fescue blend of hay when needed.  This supplements the grass and helps to grow the calves frame size and muscle without the fat.  During the grass pasture growing stage the calves will gain weight and come out weighing approximately 800 pounds

Oklahoma Natural Beef

Finishing Stage

During the finishing stage the calves are moved to finishing areas where they are fed an increased amount of a proprietary feed blend that includes high quality grains, vitamins and minerals.   This consistent diet for 90 to 120 days of growth helps to ensure consistent beef quality and produces the marbling characteristics and natural flavors that are associated with Stoner Farms All Natural Beef.

Grass Fed Beef Oklahoma

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