Order Beef Online and Save Money at the Grocery Store

The Price of Beef is Going Through The Roof

With ground beef at the store up to $8.00 per pound, and steaks running $20 - $29 per pound.  ordering a beef share of either a 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef is saving you lots of money. 

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Our cattle are born here on our farm.  They live with their mothers and the herd and graze on natural grass. Once they are weaned we move them to a separate pasture.  Here they grow and thrive on our grassland.  When the beef cattle are ready for finishing, they are seperated into another area where they are provided pasture and are supplemented with our proprietary grain feed.  This process takes a very lean beef and provides marbling and a rich flavor.

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Dry Aged

We custom sell our beef.  Beef is availble to puchase when we bring a handful of animals in to the Butcher.  Our butcher provides a very humane process.  Our goal is to treat the animal humanely and assure that it is not feeling fearful.  This means your beef is clear of any hormones that a frightened animal produces. Your beef is then dry aged for two weeks, this will enhance the flavor and tenderness of your beef.

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All processing for your order is custom, based on what you tell us in the order form.You can tell us how thick you want steaks,  you can order roasts of 1 pound, 2 pound or 3 pound size.  You can choose which kind of roast, steak or other cuts you wish to have.  You can also tell us how many steaks you want in a package.  Or how many pounds you want is a package.  When you beef is processed the butcher places cuts in mylar bags, pulls out the air and flash freezes the beef.  

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Beef Nutrition

Beef contains dozens of health-promoting nutrients that our body needs. There are other foods that offer some of the same positives, but not in the same amount. Beef is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the human diet.

Grass Fed Beef Oklahoma

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Once You Order What Happens.

You can purchase beef custom processed and delivered at $5.00 per pound of hanging weight.  Your beef will lose some weight in the aging process,and  bone removal.  You can order steaks and roasts bone-in.  And you can ask for soup bones.  Your processed weight will be approximatley 65% of the hanging weight.  We haven't figured out how to make all cattle weigh exactly 800 pounds at butchering, so there is always a little fluctuation.   

You will pay for 50% of your beef when you place your order online.  James from Stoner Farms will call to discuss your order and see if you have any questions.  You will be emailed when you beef is at the butchers.  After that you can expect about 2 weeks before your beef will be completely processed.  Once your beef is flash frozen we will call to process the second half of your payment, and schedule your delivery date.